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Defeat Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware Data Recovery Services

Reclaim Your Data Defeat Ransomware Attacks and Take Back Control!

Defeat Ransomware Attacks – Global Ransomware Recovery Services provided by Virus Solution Provider Data are designed to take advantage of our vast threat intelligence, gathered from thousands of ransomware incidents. Our team is working all hours of the day to ensure quick and reliable recovery of your important data. With a staggering 98% success rate in earlier ransomware recovery cases We are proud of providing amazing results. Do not hesitate to begin your case today to experience the knowledge and dependability that separates us.

defeat ransomware attack
defeat ransomware attack services


Cyber Edge Group conducted a study among 1,200 IT security decision-makers and practitioners from 17 countries and 19 industries and discovered that 50% of respondents who paid ransomware ransoms reported complete data loss.

This data highlights all of the potential ways something could go wrong, and in each instance we offer solutions and do not simply abandon our clients without providing assistance.

Virus Solution Provider Data strives to exhaust every possible option before declaring a case unrecoverable, making data recovery our highest priority. Ransomware attacks can be difficult to navigate; trust a company like Virus Solution Provider Data who have helped thousands of victims overcome ransomware infection successfully.

We Solve Real Time Ransomware Problems

The Cost of Ransomware to Businesses

As soon as your files have been encrypted by ransomware, you may find yourself wondering what will it cost to restore them and your business operations. With regards to ransomware response costs and associated victim losses, these figures could vary drastically from those presented.

As ransomware removal service providers, we understand the true costs of ransomware go well beyond payments to ransomware creators and data recovery services.

Before beginning the recovery process for ransomware attacks, it’s crucial that you gather as much information as possible regarding costs and expected outcomes. As soon as it all comes together, investing in cybersecurity becomes much less costly when compared with potential business damages caused by ransomware attacks.

Bounce Back from Ransomware Attacks : Uncover the perfect ransomware recovery company

Whenever consulting a surgeon, one of your first questions should be about their previous operations and success rate. When hiring a company to represent you through a ransomware crisis, asking similar questions about past experiences is also recommended if data integrity is essential to you. We use threat intelligence technology to guide our approach so we can maximize chances of success for every case we take on.

What can be done if you suspect ransomware?

For data recovery from ransomware infections, we suggest following these steps. For an in-depth breakdown of how ransomware encryption occurs and which methods may help recover data, see this comprehensive guide here.

  1. Do not power down your computer as this could result in permanent data loss and is essential if digital forensic services are required to preserve evidence in memory.
  2. Collect all relevant details regarding the ransomware attack (pop-up messages, name of ransomware variant), according to CYBER SECURITY recommendations. For instance: * Company Point of Contact * Name and Variant of ransomware used, if known * Time/date of attack ***
  • Copy or photo of demand note or splash screen
  • File Extension and Naming Scheme of Ransom Note/Readme File Left Behind By Attacker.
  • Any Email/URL Details provided by Attacker in order to communicate
  • Determine payment methods – such as Bitcoin addresses if known at this time etc.
  • Amount demanded, if known Communicate via electronic copies when possible.
  • Review backups/shadow copies to restore from them 3. Report any violations in which your data has been lost.
  1. Recreate it yourself.
  2. Backup all encrypted data and wait for a solution as decryptor may become publicly available at some point in the future.

        7. Should you pay the ransom?

The CYBER SECURITY issued the following official statement about ransomware: “The CYBER SECURITY does not advocate paying a ransom in order to gain access to its data again; often victims who paid ransom were never provided with decryption keys after paying such sums.” Due to weaknesses in certain malware variants’ encryption algorithms, victims may not be able to recover all or part of their data even with a valid decryption key. Paying ransoms embolden criminals to target other organizations and provides an alluring and lucrative business venture for other criminals. But, according to the CYBER SECURITY, when businesses find themselves unable to function normally due to ransom payments they will consider all options to protect shareholders, employees, and customers.

No matter whether or not you or your organization pay the ransom, law enforcement strongly urges victims of ransomware attacks to notify law enforcement authorities as quickly as possible. Doing so provides investigators with key intelligence that will enable them to track attackers down, hold them responsible under India law, and prevent further attacks in the future.

If paying the ransom becomes necessary for your business, making sure it is done responsibly is of utmost importance to ensure that no threat actor re-encrypts data later. With our threat intelligence from previous cases, we assess each ransomware variant to ascertain if its threat actor delivers as promised with decryption keys, file corruption is possible or whether your ransom payment ends up ending up in the wrong hands.

  1. Reach out to a ransomware service provider like Virus Solution Provider Data immediately – we are available 24/7 at
    +91 (999) 081-5450!
our simplified ransomware recovery process

At Our Streamlined Ransomware Recovery Process, our goal is to get your business running as soon as possible by investigating the current incident, removing ransomware/backdoors on target systems, and helping prevent further instances. Here is how we deal with ransomware on networks:

Identify ransomware variants through performing a remote evaluation on your network. Once identified, and information gathered on them has been processed by us, we provide you with a quote for successful data restoration. Certain companies are required by law to disclose data breaches, and ransomware incidents may constitute data breaches if files are accessed or transferred during an attack. US Department of Health and Human Services requires medical organizations to conduct investigations to ascertain a low probability for data access, via investigation. Our ransomware digital forensic team specialize in this investigation type and can provide answers as to whether data has been accessed outside your network – please see Digital Forensic Services for more details.

Our proprietary threat intelligence from the front lines equips us to offer all possible options when it comes to ransomware variants, from removal methods and remedies, through closing vulnerabilities exploited by hackers – or we can do it for an added fee – so see our Cyber Security Services for more details.

Decrypt your data using any means necessary, including paying any applicable ransom demands if required. Please be mindful of Virus Solution Provider Data’s statement in our terms of service regarding paying demands: “PD DOES NOT SUPPORT PAYING THE PERPETRATOR’S DEMANDS AS THEY MAY BE USED TO SUPPORT OTHER UNFORESEEABLE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. There’s never any guarantee you’ll gain the keys if they do become available; or even if obtained they might not work.” Unfortunately, certain cases require payment of the demand in order to acquire the means to decrypt your data. As with full transparency, Virus Solution Provider data will always reveal itself if ransomware becomes the only option to our clients; as a last resort option PD reserves the right to pay such demands in order to restore business functionality as quickly as possible.

You have five days to verify your data and receive our detailed e-book with helpful tips that may reduce the chance of becoming victims to another attack in the future. * Speak with one of our Cyber Security specialists for a complimentary Q&A session.

A study conducted by Cyber Edge Group with 1,200 IT security decision-makers and practitioners across 17 countries and 19 industries concluded that of those victims of ransomware who paid the ransom, 50% admitted complete data loss.

This data illustrates all the possible instances when something goes awry; and in each of them we offer solutions rather than leaving our clients hanging without aid.

Virus Solution Provider Data takes every measure possible before declaring any case unrecoverable, making data recovery our number-one goal. Ransomware attacks can be complex to deal with – choose a company like Virus Solution Provider Data who have worked on thousands of ransomware cases and can navigate them smoothly.

why is our ransomware recovery success rate so high?

When visiting an ophthalmologist, one of the first questions you ask them about their surgical experience and success rates should also apply when looking for the right ransomware recovery firm to represent your needs during a ransomware-related crisis. Data security should always come first when selecting an organization; to increase chances of success make sure it has Virus Solution Provider itself time after time in various ransomware-related incidents using threat intelligence as part of its service offering. We utilize threat intelligence throughout every stage of this process to increase success rate exponentially compared to competition by giving our experience as part of service offering to increase success rates.

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